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Name:CGN208D2 Semi automatic capsule filling machine

Product Description

The machine sealing capsules automaticly

The semi automatic capsule filling machine is a special machine which is suitable for the medium, small pharmaceutical factory and hospital labs. It adopts programmable control system, touch panel operation, step-less transudation speed shift, and electronic counter. The machine can complete the actions of position, separation, filling and locking. The dosage is accurate and the operation is very easy to learn. The overall machine is made of stainless steel, and it is suitable for the capsules which filled with powder and grains.



1. Controlled by step-less frequency conversion and pneumatic devide, and it adopts electronic automatic counter.

2. Can finish position, separation, filling, locking of capsules.

3. Filling dosage is accurate, and it can fill grains or powder.

4. Modified design of drug hopper reduces time for dismantling and unloading of powder.




Technical Parameters

Time for replacing debugging mould

5---8 minutes (for beginners)


10-25 thousand pills per hour   (according to number of capsule) 

Suitable capsules


2#3# 4#,  capsule made by machine

Type of filling agent

powder of no clamminess, small   granules

Total power


Air pressure

0.03m3/min   0.7Mpa

Vacuum pump

pump capacity   40m3/h

Dimensions of equipment


1140×700×1630m m

Dimensions of packaging


1650×800×1750 mm

Net weight


Gross weight





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