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Name:PY-2B Intelligent Electronic Counting Machine
speed:800-2000per capsule/tablets
Application Scope:Hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, pills, etc
Bottle Size:Diameter 25-75mm, Height≤180mm

Product Description

PY-2B Intelligent Electronic Counting Machine is made by our company using

the most advanced international vibration type channel feeding, oscillator

stepless speed regulation, touch screen PLC intelligent control, optical fiber

sensing probe counting, system self-test, automatic stop, and other advanced

technology. The machine is made of stainless steel and designed according to

GMP standards, and it is a high-tech pharmaceutical counting machine. It can

be bottled, boxed and bagged and is fully compliant with GMP requirements,

especially suitable for research institutes, hospitals, new small pharmaceutical

plants and health care plants.

This machine is a quasi-tabletop type counting machine with reasonable design,

compact structure, easy to use and high counting efficiency. It can be widely used

in the fast counting bottling for a variety of different shapes and sizes of tablets,

capsules, pills, transparent soft capsules and other drugs. The counting bottling

accuracy has reached the advanced level of similar products

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